Listen, negotiate and resolve.

Mediation is a process in which the participants, with the support of the mediator, identify issues, develop options, consider alternatives and make decisions about future actions and outcomes. The mediator acts as a neutral third party to facilitate the mediation process, assisting you to reach your own resolutions. We conduct party only or legally assisted mediations in all areas of family law. Mediations can take place in our resolution facilities, at another nominated location, via telephone, or online using web-conferencing technology.

For financial mediations, we use the leading online tool FamilyProperty to help separated families to collate and exchange information and documents securely, and provides an online auto-calculated way to model finanical proposals. This helps streamline our process, and provides transparency, and saves everyone time.


Mediations can be conducted with or without lawyers and prior to or during litigation.

Your way.

Mediations can be conducted face to face (at our mediation rooms or another suitable location), via telephone or online.


A Mediation Suitability Assessment is completed to tailor the family mediation experience to your situation.


We conduct a facilitative mediation where we assist you to negotiate positive resolutions, potentially avoiding Court litigation.


If agreed, we can evaluate the issues in dispute and provide suggestions for resolution.


We can mediate all family law issues and provide section 60I Mediation certificates.

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